About Me

Hey! I'm Carlos Valdez, a third year Informatics undergraduate at the University of California, Irvine. I'm currently specializing in Human-Computer Interaction to make the complexity that computers are easier to understand.

I'm experienced in designing/building websites (full-stack) with my regular tools being Figma and Visual Studio Code, just to name a few. I work with various programming languages, with [Python, TypeScript, JSX] being my primary languages. In my free time, I enjoy exploring other computing topics, such as [Linux, Rust, Lua].

My software values include [user privacy, cryptography, and open-source software].

The Ojos Project Logo

The Ojos Project

An undergraduate research project at the University of California, Irvine. We're researching the needs of hospice patients and caregivers and see how a computer may be able to help them.

I demonstrate various skills including but not limited to: project leadership, Linux, Shell programming, interviewing skills, etc.

To learn more about the Ojos Project, please visit our website.

The Ojos Project's logo.

Black Swan Website

Black Swan 3D Printing is a 3D printing company by Joseph Sweatt. I was asked to build a website for him, and I did so with a design by Austin Chun. I departed in January 2024 to focus on on the Ojos Project.

I demonstrated various skills including but not limited to: repository management, requirements analysis, ReactJS, and more.

View my work in this forked repository.

Black Swan 3D Printing logo